Ortho Tics


How Can I Get Orthotics?


Orthotics or shoe inserts can help redistribute weight evenly across the feet while also providing the foot and ankle with ample cushioning, shock absorption, and support. While healthy individuals with normal foot types may not require orthotics, those dealing with certain foot problems such as flat feet or chronic heel pain could greatly benefit from prescription orthotics made right here by our team of podiatrists.

Custom orthotics are different from the standard orthotics or shoe inserts you see at your local drugstore. Custom orthotics are designed to fit you and your specific needs. Before getting orthotics our team of podiatrists will go through your medical history and determine whether the condition you have could benefit from custom orthotics. Our amazing technology allows our team to be able to create the most accurate and precisely fitted custom orthotics available.

Custom orthotics maximize comfort. Through the use of a specialized scanner, this state-of-the-art technology is able to pinpoint exactly what kind of support each customer will need. These revolutionary custom orthotics can provide you with the individualized treatment and support you need to handle a wide range of foot problems, from arthritis and heel pain to flat feet. The foot scan is quick and easy and allows our team to be able to map out what areas of the foot require more support due to higher loads of pressure that occur during standing and movement.

No more one-size-fits-all approach and no more custom orthotics that may not provide the comprehensive support you need. With our system, the benefits are more than obvious: you will get a personalized orthotic treatment that will cater to you and your foot needs. These shoe inserts are also lightweight and allow our team to be able to incorporate any corrections directly into the device, which makes them more lightweight than traditional custom orthotics.

Whether you are an athlete, someone who is on their feet all day for work or dealing with recurring foot problems, you could benefit from wearing custom orthotics.

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