Diabetic Wound Care

Diabetic Foot Wound Care in Fairfax VA.

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with diabetes or you were diagnosed with it as a child, you must be managing healthy blood sugar levels to prevent complications. As your doctor will tell you, untreated or uncontrolled diabetes can wreak havoc on various systems and organs in the body. Your feet, for one, are often impacted by diabetes. Everything from nerve damage to ulcers and amputation is more likely to occur in those with diabetes. If you are living with diabetes, Oakton Foot And Ankle Center in Fairfax, VA offers Diabetic Foot Wound Care to prevent serious complications such as amputation. 

If you’re a diabetic, you know that the risk of amputation from an ulcer is possible and you probably want to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to make sure you avoid that possibility. Dealing with a difficult diabetic foot wound can be overwhelming and you may feel like amputation is your only option, but that isn’t true.  Amputation is a last resort and savaging the limb can be an option. 

Salvaging a Limb

When it comes to dealing with a Diabetic Foot Wound, it can be scary to not know how exactly to deal with an issue. Dr. Dharia can work with you and talk you through the process of salvaging a limb and possibly even restoring functionality to the limb. There are ways to treat the cause of certain issues without having to resort directly to amputation.

For certain issues, Dr. Dharia may first recommend medication. It depends on what issues you’re dealing with, but medication is usually the first option for treatment. This can help treat an issue from within and lower your risk of any complications.

When medication doesn’t work on its own, surgery may be needed. The doctor can remove the damaged area while leaving the rest of the limb intact. This helps remove the damaged tissue and stops it from spreading throughout your body.

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