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December 24, 2018
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Orthotics could be right for you if you experience discomfort or pain when on your feet due to an irregular walking pattern. By helping correct a person’s step pattern when walking, orthotics can reduce strain on the feet and minimize or completely eliminate foot pain and Foot Orthoticsdiscomfort. Custom orthotics available through a podiatrist deliver the best results. At Oakton Foot and Ankle Center, Dr. Steven Vetter and Dr. Jugal Dharia are your podiatrists for custom orthotics in Fairfax, VA.

Types of Orthotics

Orthotics are also known as orthoses and are devices placed in the shoes to properly align the feet and ankles when walking and moving about. Problematic stepping patterns when walking or running can occur when the feet and ankles are not properly aligned. This misalignment can place additional strain on certain areas of the feet or ankles, which can result in pain and discomfort. Custom orthotics can correct foot and ankle placement when walking or running and alleviate pain and discomfort.

There are three types of custom orthotics available. Your podiatrist for custom orthotics in Fairfax can recommend the right type for you. Types of orthotics include:

  • Soft — Provides support and cushioning, alleviates pressure on the balls of the feet, and absorbs shock. Soft orthotics are beneficial for patients with arthritis in the feet and ankles, diabetes-related foot problems, or foot deformities.
  • Rigid — Alleviates discomfort and pain in the legs and lower back by correcting the positioning of the feet when walking or running. Rigid orthotics are beneficial for people with lower back pain due to an irregular step pattern.
  • Semi-Rigid — Provides stability by correcting foot positioning and improving foot balance. Semi-rigid orthotics are beneficial for athletes and patients with flat feet.

Benefits of Orthotics

Custom orthotics prescribed by a podiatrist offer multiple benefits. The protect the feet, provide support, absorb shock, provide cushioning, and reduce strain. Other benefits include correcting foot and ankle positioning when walking or running, providing additional stability, and reducing discomfort and pain. Custom orthotics help your feet feel more comfortable on a daily basis. An additional benefit of custom orthotics is that they are created from plaster molds of your feet so the fit will be just right.

If you are experiencing pain and discomfort when walking, running, or even just standing, orthotics could help. A podiatrist can help determine if orthotics are right for you. For custom orthotics in Fairfax, schedule an appointment with Dr. Vetter or Dr. Dharia by calling Oakton Foot and Ankle Center at (703) 352-8888.


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