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  • Preventing Plantar Warts
    No one likes the appearance of plantar warts. Caused by forms of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), plantar warts are unsightly and can cause discomfort. Your podiatrist, Dr. Steven Vetter, Read more
  • Should I Get Custom Orthotics?
    Our feet are often overworked and underappreciated. They do so much for us and yet we often take them for granted unless they start to cause us issues. Whether you’re Read more
  • What Does Shockwave Therapy Do?
    Finding drug-free, non-invasive ways to treat painful conditions is imperative to long-term health. At Oakton Foot and Ankle Center, Dr. Steven Vetter and Dr. Jugal Dharia are here to help Read more
  • What To Do About My Sweaty Feet?
    Sweating occasionally is normal. It could be a particularly hot day or you could simply be hitting your workout hard. In these instances, sweating isn’t just normal, it’s expected; however, Read more
  • What Are Bunions and How Do You Treat Them?
    Bunions range in severity from a mild nuisance to a very painful condition. Read on to learn the anatomy of bunions and how best to care for them. Dr. Steven Vetter Read more
  • Splinters in Your Feet
    Getting splinters in the feet is fairly common. Of course, some people wonder if they can simply leave a splinter in their foot and let it work itself out. Others Read more
  • Finding Relief From Painful Bone Spurs
    Bone spurs may develop on your foot over time and cause severe pain. Recovering from this health issue requires a careful approach and a myriad of different treatments. Understanding each Read more
  • Signs of a Broken Toe
    A broken toe is one of the most common minor injuries that you can suffer. However, sometimes, it can prove difficult to tell whether or not you actually have a Read more
  • High Blood Pressure and Your Feet
    Whether you are concerned about high blood pressure or you already have been diagnosed with this chronic condition you may be surprised to hear that it can also impact your Read more
  • Pain from Heel Spurs
    Dr. Steven Vetter and Dr. Jugal Dharia at Oakton Foot & Ankle Center can diagnose heel pain for Fairfax, VA, residents and help manage various health problems. For example, they can Read more
  • High Arches in Children
    When babies are born they are born with flat feet. Typically the arches of the feet don’t develop until children are 3-4 years old; however, sometimes the arches of the Read more
  • Finding the Right Treatment for Your Neuroma
    Are you experiencing a sharp, burning pain between your toes that gets worse when walking or standing? Do you notice tingling or numbness in the toes, or pain and swelling Read more
  • Picking the Right Shoes as You Get Older
    When was the last time you bought new shoes? When was the last time you threw out shoes that were old and worn out? We often keep shoes long past Read more
  • Why You Should See a Podiatrist for an Ingrown Toenail
    While minor aches and pains in your feet probably won’t have you rushing to the podiatrist’s office for care, certain seemingly innocuous foot problems might require a professional’s touch. Take Read more
  • Treating Your Sprained Ankle
    Whether you simply stepped down awkwardly or you were in a sports-related accident, it could have left you with a painful, swollen ankle. Could it be a simple strain, or Read more
  • What You Can Do About Hammertoes
    Hammertoes are easily identified by their irregular shape, and while not uncommon or dangerous, the condition can be uncomfortable, especially after long days of wearing uncomfortable work shoes. The condition, sometimes Read more