Bunions Causes And Treatment

Bunions Causes And Treatment

Tired of the pain and discomfort your bunion causes? Put the health of your feet in the hands of Dr. Jugal Dharia at Oakton Foot and Ankle Center in Fairfax, VA.

What Causes Bunions?

A bunion typically occurs when a bone in the front of the foot is out of its proper alignment. When this happens, the big toe’s tip is pushed toward the other toes, which causes the joint of the big toe to stick out.

There are various reasons why a bunion occurs. Sometimes, it is simply due to how your foot is formed. However, bunions also develop if you have a condition like arthritis, wear shoes that are narrow around the toes, are injured, or stand for long periods. They do not pop up overnight but, rather, develop over time.

How Is a Bunion Treated?

If you have a bunion, there are several methods to alleviate your condition. In some cases, padding can help reduce the discomfort caused by friction, as can removing any calluses or corns. Orthotic devices and wearing fitted shoes can make a difference. Wearing splints to bed and targeted exercises are also beneficial.

Dr. Jugal Dharia at Oakton Foot and Ankle Center will work with you to find the best noninvasive treatment methods. If, however, none of these provide the desired results, surgical intervention is an option.

Surgery for bunions or a bunionectomy can provide lasting results by realigning the toe and removing the bunion. Though this can be an effective treatment method, it will only be recommended if other treatments aren’t effective or if surgery is the only way to prevent the condition from worsening.

If you’re living with a bunion that is impacting your life, it’s time to reach out to Oakton Foot and Ankle Center in Fairfax, VA. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Jugal Dharia by calling (703) 352-8888 today.