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Preventing Plantar Warts

No one likes the appearance of plantar warts. Caused by forms of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), plantar warts are unsightly and can cause discomfort. Your podiatrist, Dr. Steven Vetter, and Dr. Jugal Dharia of Oakton Foot and Ankle Center can help you manage your existing plantar warts. However, what everyone wants to know is the real scoop on how to prevent plantar warts in Fairfax, VA. These tips can lower your chances of developing plantar warts.

Preventing Plantar Warts in Fairfax, VA

Protect Your Feet

Walking around barefoot in public spaces is a no-no. These places can be breeding grounds for nasty microorganisms waiting for their chance to infect your feet. Protect your feet in damp areas such as showers, pool decks, and gyms. Consider wearing the appropriate footwear in these public spaces to prevent direct contact with the floor.

Furthermore, the right footwear keeps your feet from getting tiny scratches and cuts that serve as entry points for microorganisms including plantar warts causing HPV.

Wash Your Feet

At least once daily, use gentle soap and warm water to clean your feet. You can wash your feet right after using public spaces to reduce your chance of infections. Dry your feet afterward and apply moisturizing lotions to prevent flaky or cracked feet. Change your socks when they get damp to keep your feet dry. Moisture-wicking socks and breathable shoes may also help keep your feet dry.

Don't Share Personal Items

Don't share personal items that can come in close contact with warts such as:

  • Nail clippers
  • Razors
  • Socks
  • Towels
  • Shoes

Don't Touch Warts

Direct contact with warts can cause their spread too. If you already have warts on other body areas, avoid touching them. Picking at your warts can cause new ones to develop in other areas. Consider covering up your existing warts with a bandage to help you keep your hands off them. The bandage can also help relieve pressure on warts so that you have less discomfort.

If you notice you've got plantar warts in Fairfax, VA, call (703) 352-8888 for an appointment with your podiatrist, Dr. Vetter, and Dr. Dharia of Oakton Foot and Ankle Center.