When to See a Podiatrist for Orthotics

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When to See a Podiatrist for Orthotics

When to See a Podiatrist for Orthotics

Orthotic devices are also known as shoe inserts or insoles. They are designed to stabilize the feet and ankles and reduce pain in the joints. You may not be even aware that you could benefit from orthotics, read on to find out how they might help you.

Dr. Steven Vetter and Dr. Jugal Dharia are podiatrists at Oakton Foot and Ankle in Fairfax, VA. They can examine your feet and ankles and discuss how orthotics may help you.

Signs That you May Benefit from Orthotics

Fairfax residents may need to see a podiatrist for orthotics for the following reasons:

  • You spend more than five hours a day on your feet: If you have a job that necessitates hours of standing, you are at risk of plantar fasciitis. This is a painful disorder that arises when the plantar ligament (connecting the heel to the toes) becomes overstretched.
  • The soles of your shoes wear down unevenly: If the tread on your shoes is worn down on one side more than the other, this can be a sign that your feet have a tendency to turn inwards or outwards. Orthotics can correct this problem, helping you avoid foot pain.
  • You have no arches or high arches: Either of these issues can prevent your shoes from providing the foot and ankle support that you need. Orthotic devices can offer support and regulate the balance of your feet.
  • You are experiencing persistent pain in one or both feet or heels: If the pain is severe, or tends to hurt more during the morning, you may be suffering from a condition such as plantar fasciitis.

Don’t avoid seeking help for your foot pain. If you live in Fairfax, VA and you would like to find out more about how orthotics can help your foot and ankle pain, call Dr. Vetter and Dr. Dharia at (703) 352-8888 to schedule an appointment.