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How to Deal with Bunions

Discover the most effective ways to manage your bunion symptoms.

More and more people seem to be dealing with bunions, a condition that causes a hardened mass to protrude from the base of the big toe. While this condition doesn’t always cause pain it can progress enough to cause issues. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort Bunionsfind out how you can handle your symptoms and when to see your Fairfax, VA podiatrist for care.

Why do bunions need to be treated?

Since bunions are a progressive condition it’s important that you are diagnosed as soon as possible so that you can reduce your risk of making your condition worse. By eliminating factors such as wearing tight or narrow shoes, you can stop the bunion from growing.

The joint that the bunion forms on is responsible for distributing weight and if these ligaments and bones are damaged it will affect how your foot functions. So the sooner you see your podiatrist in Fairfax about your bunion the better.

How should I care for my bunion?

Some bunions will never cause any symptoms but for those patients dealing with some discomfort or pain there are certain measures you can take to reduce your symptoms:

  • Try over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen or Aleve, which can reduce swelling, inflammation and pain.
  • Apply wrapped ice packs over the bunion for 15-20 minutes at a time a couple times a day.
  • Only wear shoes that have a flexible, supportive sole and a toe box that is roomy enough for your toes to move around.
  • Your Fairfax, VA podiatrist may also recommend custom orthotics (shoe inserts) to help offer additional support and stability for the foot.
  • Those patients not finding pain relief from OTC medications may require a prescription painkiller, ultrasound or cortisone injections.

Since bunion surgery is invasive and aggressive it’s often not recommended unless you are experiencing severe pain that is affecting your quality of life or making it difficult to walk or put pressure on your foot. Surgery is considered when all other treatments haven’t offered the proper relief.

If you aren’t finding the respite from bunion symptoms that you expected, let your foot doctor in Fairfax handle your condition and get you back on your feet pain-free again. Call Oakton Foot and Ankle Center today.