How to Care for Flat Feet?

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How to Care for Flat Feet?

What your foot doctor in Fairfax wants you to knowflat feet

Flat feet are a common complaint, especially as you age. You may have no symptoms, and if so, you may not require any treatment. Flat feet can also cause painful symptoms, or fatigue in your feet, ankles and legs. Fortunately, there are ways to care for your flat feet and effective treatments if you feel pain. Dr. Steven Vetter at Oakton Foot and Ankle Center in Fairfax, VA wants to share the facts about flat feet and how to get relief.

You are at greater risk of having flat feet if you:

  • Are older
  • Are diabetic
  • Are overweight or obese
  • Have rheumatoid arthritis
  • Have injured your foot or ankle

Some of the signs you have flat feet include:

  • Flattened arches
  • Pain in your arches or heels
  • Increasing foot pain when you are active
  • Swelling and pain on the inside of your ankles

It’s important to maintain a healthy weight to avoid stress on your feet. You also should avoid high-impact sports like running or jogging. If you are suffering pain from flat feet, you can try some of these non-invasive home remedies:

  • Taking weight off of your feet by resting with your feet elevated
  • Placing ice on your feet several times each day
  • Taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and pain medication
  • Wearing over-the-counter insoles or arch supports

If you have stubborn foot pain that doesn’t respond to home therapy, it’s time to visit your foot doctor in Fairfax. Dr. Vetter may recommend:

  • Custom-made orthotics and supports
  • Thermal therapy, stretching and physical therapy
  • Prescription anti-inflammatory medication
  • Bracing or taping your foot

Surgery may be indicated if your pain isn’t resolved by non-invasive treatment. Surgical treatment of flat feet helps to restore normal function in your foot by repairing damaged tendons and ligaments.

If you suffer from the pain of flat feet, it can disrupt your life. It’s time to get back on your feet and feel better by calling Dr. Vetter at Oakton Foot and Ankle Center in Fairfax, VA. Call today and restore your feet!